What we do

The WFM Fellowship offers an online learning environment with courses on all aspects of workforce management. Our courses will interest newcomers to WFM as well as the most demanding specialists. These courses are developed by a team of WFM specialists together with academic scientists to provide you with both practically relevant and theoretically sound content.

Our training overview

Our Procedure

Our trainings are aimed at obtaining knowledge on specific aspects of the WFM process, such as forecasting and capacity management. They contain video lectures, exercises, quizzes and assignments. Interaction with fellow students and teachers is facilitated by discussion boards, in-depth e-mail contact with teachers and live webinars. The average course load is 24 hours.

Why us

Always wanted to really understand what the Erlang formula does? Want to know about simulation? Is scheduling just pressing a button or is there more to it? The WFM fellowship provides in-depth answers at your convenience.

Our trainings

  • Forecasting

    Techniques to understand, produce and evaluate your contact center forecasts and process.
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  • Capacity management

    Learn how to deal with budgets, when to hire and schedule trainings, how to optimize your workforce.
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  • Intra-day/traffic management

    In this training you learn how to stay in control of the call center during the day.
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